APRIL 26, 27 & 28

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Come join the Geneva Theatre Guild as we present Brand New Plays, submitted by Playwrights from around the country and in our own backyard.

Show Dates and Locations

The plays will be presented April 26, 7:30, at the Geneva Public Library; April 27, 7:00 at Anthony Road Winery; and April 28, 2:00 at Torrey Park Grill.

This years plays are:
Medical Records, by Connie Schindewolf
(4 Females ages 12 and up)
While filling out medical records and waiting to see the doctor, Marla, visits the past. She sees herself doing the same thing only at four different ages. The Marlas interact, and the Marla who is only 17 is quite shocked at what the future will bring.

Amusing Willie, by Donald Loftus
(3 Female and 1 Male)
WILLIE, a British playwright quickly learns that everybody is a critic as he tries to convince his three female muses that
his new play about “star-crossed” lovers is terrific! The muses remind him of past works where he ignored their advice, and of the unhappy outcomes each suffered as a result.

The Ring, by Dwayne Yancey
(2 Senior Females)
Sixty years after a close call in a state championship girls basketball game, the star of the losing team still can’t reconcile herself to losing -- so she breaks into the home of the star player on the winning team, hoping to steal her championship ring. A poignant story about regrets and sportsmanship.

The Slap, by Emma Goldman-Sherman
(4 Females)
The Slap is an experimental comedy based on a true story about the objectification of women set in 1971 when things weren't much different than they are today. Each character is trying to figure out how to move forward and how to
manage their lives after an event that upsets them all in significant ways, and they each have very different ways of
handling the situation.

Izzy Sticks With It, by Rex McGregor
(2 Female and 2 Male)
Long before becoming Irving Berlin the world-famous songwriter, young Israel Baline earns a meager living singing on the streets of New York’s Lower East Side. He dreams of a better life. But when he gets a chance to step up in the world, he must make a choice. Accept luxury with strings attached. Or keep his freedom.

Tangled Web, by Jay Hanagan

(3 Female and 1 Male)

A four character comedy about dealing with a bigamist.