Playwrights Play Readings LIVE Online!


Thank you for joining us these past 6-weeks!

About the LIVE Online Event

The arts, from music and recorded theater to Netflix and Hulu, are at the forefront of efforts to help us navigate these unsettling days. The Geneva Theatre Guild is joining those efforts by announcing the presentation of Playwrights Play Readings LIVE Online! Thank you for joining us during these times and we hope to see everyone next year in person!

Benefit and Donations:

During this time theatre and the arts need your help to stay alive. If you are able to donate, donations from this event will be split between the Geneva Theatre Guild and Larry Ann Evans for her continuing recovery and medical expenses.

Thank you to those who donated during this event!:

Candice McFarland

Debra Hodgeman

James Marlow

Dennis Bishop

Bara Swain

Ron DuFort

Renata Hinrichs

Linda Cox

Luann Preston-Wilsey

Linda Stevenson

George Farnsworth

Marla Porter

Cast List:

We are grateful to announce a cast of actors from all over the country!

Nicole Pilet
Linda Cox
David Woodworth
Cameron Forester
Chad Freeman
Gretchen Gin Woodworth
Richard Kendrick
Maria Sanguedolce
Jeremy Sarachan
Chris Woodworth
Lara Ann Schmidtgall
Jeremy Sarachan
Julia Kerr
Eva Olivia Catanzariti
Jackie Maruschak - AEA/SAG-AFTRA
Alex Calvo
Beth Johnson
David Broadnax
Jacquelyne Paige
Jules Holynski
Amanda Vincenti
Renata Hinrichs - AEA/SAG-AFTRA
Katelyn Crall
Brenna Brown
Giovanna Accordino
Evan Miller Watelet
Avi James
Frank Milligan
Kelly Hobbins
Kathrine Alt Keener - AEA/SAG-AFTRA
Donnell Adler - AEA/SAG-AFTRA
Debra Roper
John King
Brittany Jones
Deb Hodgeman
Stanley Weaver
Caroline Schettler
Richard Steele
Shana Gordon
Moriah Pilet
Tony Saracino
Julie Shapiro
Richard Kendrick
Joanne Saracino
Melissa Witchey
Melanie Glancy
Charlie Manasari
Troy Tedeschi
Kathryn Raskopf Hadley Ferrer
Tamara Kelly
Mary Friday
Michele Cuomo
Camren Derby Lynch
Natalie DeBoer
Pete Saracino
Wendy Varricchio-Fletcher
David Broadnax
Gabrielle Nunzio
Kate Fitzpatrick
Aterahme Lawrence
Eric Duchess
Casey Brentnall
Adele Fico
Wyatt Doremus
Jong Sang Rheu
Linda Stevenson
David Woodworth
Beatrice Carson

Donate! >>>

Donations can also be made by Check made out the Geneva Theatre Guild and sent to our P.O. Box in the following format:

Geneva Theatre Guild

P.O. Box 424 Geneva NY 14456

(Proceeds will be split evenly to benefit the Geneva Theatre Guild and Larry Ann Evans in her continuing recovery from a rare form of Cancer.)

Show Schedule

May 6th -

     Show Schedule Announcement and Director Interviews

May 13th -

     Rosa and Leo 

by Adam Szudrich

directed by Steve Mitchell

     Son of a Bench 

by Evan Baughfman

directed by Steve Mitchell

     Ones Cup of Tea

by Jeff Dunne

directed by Augustus Schoen-Rene

May 20th -

     First Date

by Nan Gatewood Satter

directed by Larry Ann Evans

     Miss Winnie

by Marla Porter 

directed by Eleanor Stearns

     The Lonesome Library

by E.K. Doolin

directed by Larry Ann Evans

May 27th -

     Shapes and Stanzas (In 3 parts)

by Ken Preuss

directed by Sean Britton-Milligan

     Person in Charge

by Loretta Wish 

directed by Dan Godwin

     Housing Violations

by James E. Marlow

directed by Dan Godwin

June 3rd -


June 10th - 


by Matthew Libby

directed by Lucas Riegel

     The Soothsayer

by Steven Young

directed by Lucas Riegel


by David Susman 

directed by Steve Duprey


by Bara Swain

directed by Steve Duprey

     Statin Eye-Land Fairy

by Richard Manley

directed by Eleanor Stearns

June 17th -


by Seth Freeman 

directed by Augustus Schoen-Rene

    Holy Hell

by Barbara Lindsay

directed by Sean Britton-Milligan


by John Mabey 

directed by Loren Schmidtgall


by Marla Porter

directed by Loren Schmidtgall

     Candy Store

by James McLindon

directed by Loren Schmidtgall