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Playwrights Play Readings 2021 LIVE Online!

Ran for 6 Weeks during the Spring of 2021

About the LIVE Online Event

Over the past year we have seen an unprecedented number of theater companies make the brave and resilient move to online theatrical productions. Since the time of our last Playwrights Play Readings the Geneva Theatre Guild has presented 5 Online Full Scale productions. From a Musical Cabaret, a full Youth devised production to Green Screen productions of Almost Maine and A Christmas Carol, we have persevered through the year to bring another annual production of Playwrights Play Readings LIVE Online to the community!

Thank you for joining us this year!

Announcing the Cast!

We are excited to announce the members of the Playwrights Play Readings LIVE Online 2021 Cast! Check out all the people that auditioned and were cast this year!

Victoria Elia
Meredith Utman
Linda Stevenson
Kathy Kirkland
Moriah Pilet
Richard Kendrick
Eileen Wegman
Jackie Maruschak
Joanne Saracino
Camren Derby-Lynch
Wendy Varricchio-Fletcher
Cora Long
Juliet Lene
David Broadnax
Ginger Grace
Anthony Saracino
Joseph Barcia
Lucas Riegel
Wayne A. Vander Byl
Beatrice Carson
Linda Cox
Gabriela Nieves
Doug Curry
Lois Fiegl
Katie Kreutter
Dana Hall
Alyse Dionne
Mary McDonald
Cassidee Grunwald
Mary Friday
Kesha Sharee Hartzog
Ashona Pulliam
Catherine Loomis
Jenna Konyak
Hannah Loewen
Kat Rina Davis
James Lasky
Emily Jusino
Troy Tedeschi
Alexa Mitchell
Kimberly Day
Alexander Calvo
Eric Jansen
Karen McDonold
Hernan Sanchez Garcia
Frank Milligan
Adryanna Elmendorf
Robert Bittner

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Donate! >>>

Donations can also be made by Check made out the Geneva Theatre Guild and sent to our P.O. Box in the following format:

Geneva Theatre Guild

P.O. Box 424 Geneva NY 14456

Benefit and Donations:

All donations will go to Benefit the

Larry Ann Evans Memorial Fund

(All donations are charitable and donors will receive documentation for their tax records.)

Show Schedule

WEEK 1 - April 22nd @ 7:30pm

Love in the Time of Bubbles

by Cary Gitter

Directed by Alexa Powell

Featuring: Hannah Loewen and Victoria Elia

Virtual Happy Hour

by Richard Castle

Directed by Loren Schmidtgall

Featuring: Ashona Pulliam, Hernan Sanchez Garcia, Cora Long and Alex Calvo

It's Your Mother Part 1

by Patricia Durante and Betsy Tuxill

Directed by Shana Gordon

The Drive - Featuring: Victoria Elia and Gabriela Rosa

Home for Thanksgiving - Featuring: Kesha Sharee Hartzog and Hannah Loewen 


WEEK 2 - April 29th @ 7:30pm
History Lesson 

by Frankie Little Hardin

Directed by Steve Duprey

Featuring: Eric Jansen, Emily Jusino, Jackie Maruschak, Wayne A Vander Byl, Tony Saracino, Moriah Pilet and Mary McDonald.

153: A Short Play

by Steven G. Martin

Directed by Sean Britton-Milligan

Featuring: Eric Jansen, James Lasky, Lucas Riegel and Richard Kendrick.

It's Your Mother Part 2

by Patricia Durante and Betsy Tuxill

Directed by Shana Gordon

Mother of the Bride - Featuring: Joanne Saracino and Jenna Konyak

Visits with Gram - Featuring: Katie Kreutter and Adryanna Elmendorf

WEEK 3 - May 6th @ 7:30pm
Annexing The Palisades

by Alex Goldberg

Directed by Loren Schmidtgall

Featuring: Frank Milligan, Joseph Barcia, Emily Jusino and Douglas Curry

Hal and His Atomic Ray Gun

by Straton Rushing

Directed by Emmerich Hauf

Featuring: Jenna Konyak, Anthony Saracino, Kat Rina Davis and Juliet Edwards

It's Your Mother Part 3

by Patricia Durante and Betsy Tuxill

Directed by Shana Gordon

Is She The Man - Featuring: Joanne Saracino and Adryanna Elmendorf

The Couch - Featuring:  Gabriela Rosa


WEEK 4 - May 13th @ 7:30pm
The Fledgling

by Brigid Amos 

Directed by Roger Gans

Featuring: Moriah Pilet, Wendy Varriacho-Fletcher and Lucas Riegel

Truth Be Told

by Pamela Morgan

Directed by Jenna Konyak

Featuring: Troy Tedeschi, Meredith Utman and Katie Kreutter

Tax Day

by Hilary Bluestein-Lyons

Directed by Steve Mitchell

Featuring: Alexa Mitchell, Kathy Kirkland and Lois Fiegl

It's Your Mother Part 4

by Patricia Durante and Betsy Tuxill

Directed by Shana Gordon

I Don't Wanna Say Anything - Featuring: Alysa Dionne and Ginger Grace

Filling Out Forms - Featuring:  Gabriela Rosa


WEEK 5 - May 20th @ 7:30pm
G'Oy Vey! A Zoom Play

by David Lipschutz

Directed by Gabriela Rosa

Featuring: Adyranna Elmendorf, Juliet Edwards, Dana Hall, Jackie Maruschak, Doug Curry, Mary Friday and Wayne Vander Byl

A Snowballs Chance

by Jeff Dunne

Directed by Eleanor Stearns

Featuring: Eileen Wegman, Linda Cox, Robert Bittner and Richard Kendrick

It's Your Mother Part 5

by Patricia Durante and Betsy Tuxill

Directed by Shana Gordon

The Pretzels - Featuring: Robert Bittner and Shana Gordon


WEEK 6 - May 27th @ 7:30pm
Thank Emily

by Richard Manley

Directed by Roger Gans

Featuring: Catherine Loomis, Kesha Sharee Hartzog and Kimberly Day

442 Pine

by Connor Hibbard

Directed by Nicholas Goodman

Featuring: Linda Stevenson, Cassidee Grunwald, Katie Kreutter and Joseph Barcia.

It's Your Mother Part 6

by Patricia Durante and Betsy Tuxill

Directed by Shana Gordon

Personal Speeches - Featuring: Camren Derby Lynch, Beatrice Carson and Shana Gordon

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