Youth Theatre Coordinator

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The Geneva Theatre Guild Youth Theatre is an inclusive program founded in 1986 and based on the belief that all young people deserve the opportunity to experience theatre, both as an art form and as a way of experiencing the world. The purpose of the Youth Theatre is not to train young actors or merely provide a recreational activity but to engage area youth in the practice and process of all aspects of creating theatre.
The Geneva Theatre Guild Youth Theatre is sponsored by the Geneva Theatre Guild but is run as an independent program. The Youth Theatre is overseen by the Youth Theatre Committee (YTC) which consists of Geneva Theatre Guild Board members, community members, and youth members.

The Geneva Theatre Guild Youth Theatre Program Coordinator assumes primary responsibility for planning and administering all Youth Theatre programs, essentially serving as the executive director and the producer of the Youth Theatre.

Responsibilities include:

  • Co-chairing the YTC

  • Acting as liaison between the YTC and the Geneva Theatre Guild board

  • Scheduling and co-chairing regular meetings of the YTC

  • Establishing and administering an annual budget

  • Writing grants

  • Planning, organizing, and implementing an annual fundraising campaign

  • Maintaining and updating a mailing list

  • Recruiting and hiring directors

Working with the YTC and the director to:

  • Select a play or approve a proposed play

  • Recruit and hire production staff (musical director, choreographer, set designer, costume designer, carpenter, head of house, publicity, etc.)

  • Secure the rights and published materials necessary for production

  • Schedule audition, rehearsal and production dates and secure venue for each

  • Designing, producing and disseminating program announcements to area schools and media

  • Recruiting and organizing volunteer support throughout the process and for the performance nights

  • Overseeing printing of posters, forms, tickets, t-shirts, etc.

  • Collecting and submitting all receipts/invoices for payment

  • Returning all necessary production materials (scripts, costumes, sets, etc.)

  • Scheduling post production meeting with production team

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience/education in theatre education, including working with youth

  • Experience in event management and coordination

  • Demonstrated skills in budgeting and proficiency in Excel or other budgeting software

  • Experience in grant writing and fundraising

  • Theatre experience in direction and production management

  • Ability to create an inclusive, supportive and engaging environment, treating children and collaborators with respect flexibility, vision, energy, a collaborative approach and patience

  • Knowledge of safety principles and practices

Proof of a background check or willingness to acquire one will be required.

Please submit a letter of interest and a resume including contact information for
three professional references to

Deadline for submissions is March 1st 2021


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