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Youth in a Pandemic

Monologues, Scenes, Poetry and Songs written, performed & devised by Youth

LIVE Performance: August 1st 7:00pm

Directed by Sean Britton-Milligan

With classes by Steve Duprey (Acting Coach); Kamilah Bush (Monolgue and Poetry);

Lucas Riegel (Scene writing); Tommy Crawford (Songwriting);

Rob Carson (Adapting Shakespeare) and Kate Duprey (Technical Aspects of Virtual Performances)


Sean Britton-Milligan


Graduate of SUNY Fredonia '19. Director, Actor and Singer he is currently the GTG Summer Series Production Manager.




Youth Instructor

(Monologue and Poetry)

Playwright and Dramaturg from North Carolina, she currently serves as the Artistic assistant at Two River Theater in Red Bank NJ.




Youth Instructor

(Song Writing)

Actor, Musician, Singer, Composer and Songwriter from New York City. He is a co-founder of band and theater collective The Lobbyists.




Youth Instructor

(Acting Coach)

He holds a BFA in Directing from Syracuse University and has been directing for GTG for the past 37 years.

Riegel, Luke.jpg



Youth Instructor

(Scene Writing)

He holds a degree in Screenwriting from Ithaca College '11 and is now a Writer, Director and Photographer based in Ithaca NY.

rob carson.jpg



Youth Instructor

(Adapting Shakespeare)

He is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of English and Comparative Literature at HWS Colleges.




Youth Instructor & Technical Director

(Technical Aspects)

She is a freelance Stage Manager, turned Virtual Manager for Finger Lakes and Rochester area Theaters.


& Poetry

Learn to create impactful moments and find your poetic rhythm.

Scene Writing

Give voice to world events and personal introspection through group scenes.


Discover new ways of self-expression through song.


Learn to write like the Bard with a Modern twist.


Learn about streaming entire productions from the comfort of your home.


One on One sessions  to coach you through the presentation of the writings provided by your peers.

Calendar of Events


Devising and Performance

This event is a Devised Theatrical Piece. Writings from the month long event will help create the performance on August 1st 2020. The Acting Coach will work with everyone on the various pieces and The Director will choose actors and pieces that best go together to create a cohesive piece to present.

Devising the Performance: (July 19th)

Over the course of the Acting Classes the pieces presented will be viewed to create a cohesive piece, and the Director will cast based off of the work during the acting classes. Students will be encouraged to vote on pieces to be presented at the end to help better decide a layout.

The final layout will be announced in a LIVE Broadcast on July 20th along with the cast list.

Rehearsals: (July 21-30th)

Sean will then work with the cast in 1-on-1 sessions with each of the pieces to refine the piece for the performance on August 1st. There will also be a mandatory Full Run of the show that will be recorded in case of technical difficulties on July 31st.

LIVE Performance: August 1st at 7:00pm


Registration for this event will take place on June 29th from 6:00-8:00pm on ZOOM.

You can show up at anytime during that time period to sign your student up for this ONLINE Summer Event.

Students are asked to participate in a minimum of 2 classes for the event.

Click to Register: GTGYT Summer Series Sign-Up

Larry Ann Evans (Youth Coordinator) and Sean Britton-Milligan (Director) will be there to answer questions and to link you to the Youth Registration form!

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